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Why sponsor a Child?​

Sponsored children are able to break the cycle of poverty by gaining the right education and knowledge to grow in Fiji

Very often, once these children proceed through the education system and successfully graduate, they eventually become the first in their communities to reach such level of education.

It can also provide a stepping stone to a brighter future and is a powerful agent of change


Whilst public education in is free, many families in the village and some places struggle to provide the necessary items a child needs to attend school. 

This is why Motivate Fiji has come up with this idea of helping children and family to support their education and fulfil their dream.

As a sponsor :

As a sponsor, you will have a special relationship with your sponsored child. You will receive photos, handwritten messages and regular updates from their family (zoom calls and FaceTime in your own schedules and availability with the child and his or her family if you prefer)

You can choose where you sponsor a child, as well as their gender and age. The team can also help you to choose which child you would like to sponsor.

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