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Our Mission, Vision & Aims

Second family is our aim. We desire to find a sponsor family overseas for a Fijian

child that we represent, to support them financially with their school and well-being


Our vision is to increase the opportunities for Fijian children from poor backgrounds,

to allow them the equal opportunity to access successful educational experiences

and future endeavours in education and work. This support is vital as they most likely

would not be able to access this without the support provided through Motivate Fiji’s


We aspire for Motivate Fiji’s work to eradicate gender inequality and deprivation in

our sponsor children’s lives.

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Commitment – in Fijian culture, it takes a village to raise a child and you will become

a significant part of this village, and a part of the family. We desire sponsors that

understand this commitment for this child so that there is continuity in their lives and

they get the best opportunities.

Engagement – Motivate Fiji want to nurture the bond between our sponsors and the

Fijian children. With this, we encourage engagement from the sponsors with the child

(shown in Benefits of Motivate Fiji section). We do not want this to be a simple

donation-based charity, but rather sharing in culture, love, language, time, energy

and joy from this bond.

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First, we will ask our prospective sponsors to complete a questionnaire, which will

provide Motivate Fiji with insight into how much they desire to spend per month, their

interests, their goals for this new endeavour of support and any other information

that would help us correctly match a sponsor with a child. This is so that we can get

an insight into what the sponsors desire and what the child needs, so that each

pairing benefits all parties.

Then, we will get in contact with the child’s family to propose the sponsor we deem

most fit, and from there we can start the process of the sponsorship-family bond.

This will include introductory calls/letters, and the beginning of the donations.

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Overall, we understand that the needs of the child will develop and change overtime

and in different periods of their life, so we want to main adaptable to the donation

process and the amounts you would like to donate.

We believe the best approach would be monthly donations that go directly to that

child and their needs.

We will make a list prior to each donation that will be sent to you outlining what wewill acquire for them and the cost of each product.

These will most likely include schoolbooks, stationery, uniform, games kit, story time

books, toys, stamps for letters back and forth, and any necessities for homelife like hygiene products and new clothes/shoes.


We also offer yearly donations, where sponsors will pay a larger yearly sum that will

cover all the expected, basic, foundational needs, rather than the personalised

approach of monthly donations. Yearly donors will still receive all the updates

mentioned below.

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